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Gedeb – Espresso

Yirgacheffe – Ethiopia
Hairloom – Natural
Cinnamon – Chocolate – Passionfruit

Growing altitude: 2050m – 2210m

All our specialty coffees are carefully sourced and selected within our high expectations of quality, flavor profil and tranparency.

We roast our coffees with the respect of each varietal and its origine in the heart of Lausanne since summer 2022.


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About the Alemayehu Daniel Farm

It was 1961, and a young Ethiopian man set out from his home in Sidamo and headed to the lush forests around Worka Chalbesa near Gedeb to seek his fortune. Young Daniel Miju was single at the time he set up his coffee and false banana farm.

He soon found a wife, and following the culture of his people, married two more wives over the years. Daniel had many children – thirteen boys and ten girls – and lived to a ripe old age, leaving his land to his sons, one of whom is Alemayehu Daniel.

One of Alemayehu’s biggest concerns is carrying on his father’s name and legacy. His father’s land has been divided among him and his brothers, with each receiving a little over 10 hectares. Here, on this well-watered land that is shaded by towering indigenous trees, Alemayehu grows some of the best Gedeb coffee you can find.

Daniel Miju’s legacy and Alemayehu Daniel Farm
When Daniel Miju divided his land among his sons, he gave each of his son’s coffee seedlings so they could grow their own coffee. It is from this source that Alemayehu’s coffee comes.

Alemayehu’s father left behind a family that stands together, and while each brother has his own land and crop, they all work as one, even taking turns to watch over each other’s coffee – especially important after the cherries have been picked and are drying.

During harvest season, Alemayehu hires 40-60 people to ensure ripe cherries are picked on time. They are washed, and he personally makes sure the cleaning is top-notch. Once the cherries are dry, he takes them to Gedeb.

Alemayehu’s coffee used to find its way to the market through a union, but he has since taken out an export license of his own. This is his second year working under his own license. He has won awards from the government for the quality of his coffee.